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Zlin Z-50LS - Czech(oslovak) Users

Prod.No.: 744003 (on sale from: 2017-05-22)

Scale: 1/144

Price: 280.00 Kč / 13.00 EUR

Resin model kit of the Zlin Z-50LS aerobatic aircraft. The kit combines main parts casted from resin, canopy casted from clear resin (UV resistant) and P/E fret with smaller parts. This version of the kit contains decals for one Czechoslovak and two Czech Z-50LS and special set of decals for the red stripes.

Decal options:

  • Zlin Z-50LS (c/n 0047) OK-RRD
    Czech Aerobatic Center (LAC ČR), 2016
  • Zlin Z-50LS (c/n 0017) OK-IRG
    Aviation Museum Prague-Kbely
  • Zlin Z-50LS (c/n 0054) OK-XRE
    private, 2016
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