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Terms, Shipping Rates, Payments

1. General provisions

By placing the order the buyer accepts the terms of the seller, Jiří Brožek - JBr Decals.

2. Subject matter of the contract

Subject of the contract are the articles listed in the order ("articles" from now on).

3. Seller

Ing. Jiří Brožek, Ph.D. - JBr Decals, Jasanová 1956, 253 01 Hostivice, IČO 01128311. The seller is VAT UNREGISTERED. Bank account: Česká spořitelna, acc.no. 1165333043/0800.

4. Buyer

Person or business that places the order.

5. Order

The order is valid only if it contains all the required information. The order becomes effectual when it is received by the seller.

6. Prices

Prices stated on the website are final. Prices of the articles in the order are the prices from the moment the order is placed. Prices for the customers from the Czech Republic are in CZK, prices from customers from other countries are in EUR.

7. Shipping rates

We are using the services of the Czech Post and its foreign partners. Shipping rates depend on destination. Rates by region are listed below.

Czech Republic - Domestic Shipping

Parcels weighing up to 2 kilograms are sent as registered parcel or package. Parcels weighing between 2 and 10 kilograms are sent as Parcel - Delivery to hand.

If the selected payment method is Cash On Delivery, additional 60 CZK fee is added to the total price.

up to 500 g50 CZK
501 g - 1000 g70 CZK
1001 g - 2000 g90 CZK
2001 g - 5000 g150 CZK
5001 g - 10000 g180 CZK

International Shipping

Maximum weight of the parcel sent abroad is 2 kilograms (weight of packing materials included). Parcels are sent as Priority Registered Parcel.

WeightEuropeAsia, North and South America, Africa, Oceania
Up to 50 g4.5 €5.0 €
51 g - 100 g5.5 €6.0 €
101 g - 250 g7.5 €8.0 €
251 g - 500 g9.0 €11.0 €
501 g - 1000 g13.0 €17.0 €
1001 g - 2000 g20.0 €28.0 €

8. Payment

For domestic orders from the Czech Republic one can use following payment methods:

  1. Cash on delivery - the price of the order is paid to the postman at the time of the delivery (additional fee applies);
  2. Bank transfer - the buyer receives all the necessary information needed for bank wire transfer. The order is cancelled if the correct amount of money is not transferred to the seller's account in 14 days from placing the order;
  3. PayPal/debit or credit card - the articles are paid via PayPal gateway either by credit/debit card or from PayPal account.

International orders can be paid using the PayPal gateway only.

9. Length of order processing

The order will be processed in three working days. Processing start depends on the selected payment method:

  1. if cash on delivery or PayPal is selected as payment method, the processing starts the same day the order is placed/paid by PayPal;
  2. if the bank transfer is selected the processing starts the day the correct amount is deposited to seller's account.

10. Returning an article

The buyer has a right to return faulty articles in 24 days after the articles are delivered. In such case the articles can either be replaced with faultless ones or the particular amount of money is refunded to the buyer. In case of the refund the seller is obliged to refund the money in 24 days from the settlement of such case.

This does not apply to:

  • articles, that are subject to special orders or created on request;
  • articles, that have clearly been already used in some way.

11. Final provisions

These terms are valid in a form present on the website at the time of placing the order. By placing the order the buyer confirms that he/she accepts the total price for the order including all the necessary shipping rates and additional fees and that he acknowledges and agrees to the terms valid at the time of placing the order.

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