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MiG-21MF to MiG-21MFN conversion

The most significant visual differences of MiG-21MFN from the standard MiG-21MF in 1/144 scale are the antennas on the fuselage spine and on the vertical stabilizer and red anti-collision lights on the spine and on the belly.

There are of course other visual differences, however less prominent than those mentioned above. Not to mention, such details are not available on the original Eduard model too.

Placement and dimensions of the antennas are described in the assembly instruction manual for our "Czechoslovak Fishbeds" kit and also shown below in the picture from this manual. We are also offering a pdf file with the template for all the antennas, which can be printed (in 1:1 ratio, no scalling!) and used for making the antennas.

The green dielectric cover of the ARK-15 radiocompass can be created in many ways, including:

  • just painting a green rectangle on the spine
  • attaching a green rectangle made of a thin plastic sheet
  • masking out a rectangle on the spin with a masking tape, then attaching the extruded part of the antenna cover made either from another pieces of masking tape or thin plastic sheet (our favourite way :), as the cover is not a simple rectangle)

Black antenna of the backup radio is best cut out of a thin plastic sheet according to our template or made by using the template itself impregnated with a liquid cyanoacrylate glue (super glue). The same applies for the VIR-32 antennas on the horizontal stabilizer.

You can use the following pictures for visual reference. Special thanks to Jiří Sofilkanič who allowed us to use his photos. For more reference pictures see Jiří's excellent walkaround of MiG-21MFN 5603.

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